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Professional Review | “Drawing Out” | No Stationery, No Life.

Previous Posts: + All about Takahashi Takuya (Stationery Advisor) + Review about “2cm+ Pencil” + Review about “EE Defender” Grey Ray and “No Stationery, No Life” works together to cross stationery culture between Japan and Thailand throuh social network (Twitter, Facebook) which Grey Ray saw a good opportunity to let Japanese people know Thailand through Thai stationery, and Thai people knows Thai stationery through Japanese point of view. (Japanese is very serious about stationery.)

This time, Mr.Takahashi review about “Drawing Out” Pencil extender;


Stylish body that protects pencil “Drawing Out – Pencil Extender” [credit : ] ‘Drawing Out’ is a stationery that works as pencil extender that can also protect pencil. You can carry around the pencil easily in daily life and use the pencil until the last 2 cm. Actually this design have been developed since 2011, there’s Drawing Out 1 on 2013, Drawing Out 2, and then the latest is Drawing Out 2.5.

Unity of Body and Cap The body and cap are very stylish. It gave sense of unity. In Japan, we rarely see this type of pencil extender that cover the pencil tip. With the cap which is very fit, we can carry it around without worrying of dirt in your pocket or bag.

Touchable sense Most pencil extender in Japan made from metal, but ‘Drawing Out’ made from plastic called TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) which is a combination of plastic and elastomer. It’s light-weight, but with the calm color, it gave sense of high-graded product unlike toys. Its surface are very smooth and touchable. [Warning] Not recommend to used wit