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Grey Ray Stationery | Interview | MBA April 2014

simple but cool

GREY RAY Stationery

writer : Pachpicha Lueksirinukul

Recently, a writer accidentally saw a stationery of “GREY RAY” brand. It means “Unruly” in Thai. When a writer saw this name, she’s been curious what’s special about this brand, who create it and what’s on his mind.

“3 years ago, when I just started GREY RAY, people asked me what is the point of making a pencil cap? Because most people don’t understand when I tell them about the idea. I and my team spent a half year thinking and developing products. I can’t remember how many time we have research and develop the production process until it became possible. Most people told me to do something else that is easier to make money but I looked back to myself and define myself as a ‘Serious Nonsense’ kind of people. ‘Serious Nonsense’ kind of people is those who is obsessed in doing something that social see it as a little and nonsense or not that important to do. I and my team do it passionately and seriously. There’s still a people like us in sub-culture. And this is the result of our passion.”

– Chanchalad Khanajanawong Creative Director of GREY RAY Stationery

The stationery brand of Thailand called “GREY RAY” have made the simple, good looking, vintage color products to suit every life styles: teenager, adult, women or men. The name “GREY RAY” came from the identity of the owner “Chanchalad Khanjanawong” because he is an unruly people. He’s not so white, and not so black, he’s grey. He always questioned about things. He’s “GREY RAY” kind of person who knows how to be unruly in a creative way to design the product with a function to support the users’ behavior under philosophy: “Do something easy and unexpected”.


They’re the pencil extender which can carry a pencil around. The material is TPE. People who loves using pencil must love this product because when a pencil gets too short to handle, you can put a short pencil inside this product to extend the length of pencil. And this will make the pencil lifetime lasts longer in our life and we