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Grey Ray Stationery | Interview | Home & Decor June 2014

Home & Decor June 2014 Designer’s Design # 313

Text : Pattarasiri

Photo : Vipawadee Pisutsiriapinya

Chanchalad Khanjanawong

Grey Ray Stationery

Do any of Thai designers ever design the pencil cap or a sketchbook printed with soy ink and become a portfolio itself ? because it’s a small thing that may seem like a waste of time. But for Mr.Burne-Chanchalad Khanjanawong, who is an art teacher at Art House Institute for 16 years, spent most of the time with art tools and observed the usage and function of those stationery and questioned himself. This is how “Grey Ray Stationery” have been created.

“Because GRAY kind of people is not too good and not too bad. Unruly people is not a bad ones but they have their own thought and question all the time if they should follow the same old system which no one really know the inventor of those rule? If they found the answer, they gave all they have. When I first saw students trying to cover the pencil lead by tissue paper of sponge to protect the lead, I questioned myself “why no one ever invented the pencil cap just for drawing pencil (EE/8B)?” Because drawing pencil’s lead is very fragile, yet the students love to sharpen it longer than usual. Some don’t know the limit to stop sharpening and when the lead became too long, it’s broken. Grey Ray team have researched for the appropriate length of lead which is 3.8 cm, so I designed the pencil cap for EE pencil called “EE Defender” to protect EE pencil’s lead. Then I designed the pencil with “2CM+ pencil” which is the pencil with 2 cm shorter lead from the bottom because no one really used the lead shorter than 2 cm, and it helps people not to waste anymore graphite. And I also design “Drawing Out” pencil extender, to extend the pencil’s lifetime even it’s 2 cm short.”

He has been studying and carefully analyzing to make the simplest design especially the manufacturing process. He spent 3 years for the 3-4 products because he changed all the old process the manufacturer offered.

“I believe that those little ideas can change the world if we raise awareness to the next generation. Now I’m designing the pencil sharpener which can sharpen the pencil to 3.8 cm. So that the art students don’t have to waste the time sharpening the EE/8B pencil with the cutter. Including the non-toxic eraser. Have you ever noticed that the eraser we’re using in everyday contained the toxic that can leads us to cancer. It’s really hard to find the raw materials in Thailand but that’s the project I’m working on. I want Thai people to use good stationery in the friendly price. Our motto is Grey Ray will be the stationery brand that Thais will be proud of in one day.”

Grey Ray won “Designer of the Year 2013” Emerging Awards “Product Design and “EE Defender” won DEmark 201