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3 years ago, when I started GREY RAY brand, there’s so many people asked me why I have to make this pencil cap.

Most people don’t get it when I tell them about the concept. Me and my design team spent almost half year just to think and develop the product. I can’t even recall how many times we research, develop the mould until it can produce what we exactly want. It sounds like a waste of time. They are curious about what we fight for, if we can just design something fast and sell it a lots.

Well, looking back to myself, I categorized myself to a “Serious Nonsense” kind of people. Those kind of people do what social think it’s a nonsense things to do, passionately. I believe there’s still a passionate people like us a lots in subculture. Me and my team gave it all we’ve got with this project.

And this is the outcome of our passion to the little nonsense thing.

Chanchalad Khanjanawong (Creative Director of Grey Ray Stationery)