Director words : Made in Thailand

(*The content is written from Thai people’s point of view.)

Since when we started to feel ” Eww… ” with Made in Thailand products Have we ever asked why we felt like that when Thai people actually is the good race with great culture like other countries. In the past, people have art in everything. They even carve fruits exquisitely before they eat.

One day I asked my Japanese friend about how he thinks of ‘Made in Japan’ products; “I feel normal. Well, I feel safe and actually I trust in those products” He answered.

I listened to him and I admit that I felt deeply moved.

“What makes Japanese people feel like that? How it begins? How to make Thai people feel like that too?”

After that, I told myself that if I have a chance to own my brand, I will label it proudly that “This brand is from Thailand” (Of Thailand) : Think by Thai, Made by Thai, and Made especially for Thai. And if foreign people consent with our products, we will feel glad too.

If I create good quality products with affordable price and it’s good enough for foreign people to use too, and if I could also make the new generation to create good things for Thai people, then let’s see if there’s still any of us feel “Eww…” with ‘Made in Thailand’ products or not? Chanchalad Khanjanawong (Founder & Creative Director)