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Coloring Folio A4 Limited Edition by Art Jeeno X Grey Ray

“Grey Ray X Art Jeeno” Project

Art Jeeno is a famous cartoonist based in Thailand who won a lots of cartoon awards such as 7 Books Awards and International Manga Awards #7 from Japan. This project is a first co-project of we join with an artist. We asked Art Jeeno to design a graphic on Coloring Folio A4 which just won Design Excellence Awards 2014 (DEmark).

The combination of coloring sketchbook and portfolio

“Coloring Folio A4” is the development of a product for resource recovery by rethinking about the definition of the sketchbook. The question is: do users make use of the sketchbook we’re using in everyday life, as it worth or not. and does it really related to the behavior of the users.

Based on research, we found that the users of this type of sketchbook will rip off the paper from the book and put a piece of paper on the drawing board before use. When users ripped off all papers inside, they will just dispose the unused covers.