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Blogger review | UK | grey ray

This may look like a pen but it’s actually a pencil, personally I think this is a fab idea! Surely I’m not the only one who’s pencil is always snapping in my bag so this is the perfect solution, this comes I a variety of colours too but it just so happened that I got as this in one of my favourite colours!

You may be wondering what the other things are, I was confused too. But this these are actually pencil caps, these are meant to protect the end of your pencil and stop them from snapping so these are another alternative to the other pencil and you get a lot of caps in one pack that are all different colours.

Grey Ray are a company based in Thiland but the delivery was still so fast so I was very impressed by this. Grey Ray also have a number of other products that you should check out including sketch books. I would definitely recommend ordering from them of you love there products (which I’m sure you do) and you want great service!

You can check them out at:

Twitter- greyraythiland