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Blogger review | UK | grey ray

Hello bloggerrinos! Ahhh. Who doesn’t love a bit of stationary? And a life hack every now and again. Well, Grey Ray’s drawing out and protective pencil caps are just that. An awesome artist hack. But Jess.. No one really uses pencils these days. Pish Posh! Of Course they do! Especially drawers! I wish I knew of these when I was in high school! I’d always find the stubby pencils in the bottom of the box that the teacher handed over or my pencil getting covered in Doritos dust that accidentally fell into my bag after stuffing them into it after lunch and rushing to class.

I contacted Grey Ray to review their new stationary and I was like “helllooooo there” as you do. The drawing out tool is a little nifty device that extends that stubby pencil you cannot live without. Making it a lot easier to get the last life out of that pencil that you used to write ” I <3 Ryan Gosling” all over your art notebook in year 11. Whether it’s a coloured pencil or not these will just pop into the tool as if you just placed a pencil topper onto it!

I love drawing and as soon as I realized what I had in front of me, I thought it was such an awesome idea. I also got Pencil Protectors. Perhaps you are always breaking them in your bag while you rush to your next lesson after an intense drawing class but other than that I have no use for these. They are pretty cool but I’d prefer the Drawing Out tool to the protectors. It’s pretty much an all in one tool for a pencil holder and protector as it comes with a lid.

I’d loved the idea of this and will definitely be using it for when my pencils are short while I’m sketching. Thank you Grey Ray for sending these unique products to me.

You can check out Grey Ray here. They’ve just brought out a Drawing Folio which is a mash of a sketch book and portfolio!