Blogger review | Japan | grey ray

GREY RAY is a Thai stationery maker brand that design a simple, retro, easy to use and eco-friendly stationery. The color of product is attractive and when I see the real one, I found that they’re my favorite colors. ^^

But, why pencil cap?

Most people might think that pencil caps are not in need in daily life. But I’ve always been looking for a ‘pencil cap’ which is not so FANCY.

I sometimes carry color pencil around; I put the whole pack of color pencil in my handbags. But sometimes I want just few not all and wonder if I have a pencil caps just to carry the color pencil around.

Pencil cap from GREY RAY is a very light-weight simple pencil cap with a proper length. That’s enough to make stationery lover being crazy about it.

Unfortunately, it cannot be fit to my color pencil because the design is not for Japanese pencil size.

But it’s okay because it’s cute! (Laugh)

The feeling’s like when you put a lots of masking tape in front of you and smiling alone.

This pencil cap is design especially for Thai art student who sharpen the pencil to be longer than standard length to protect the pencil lead. I wish it could be a long-seller product for an artist in future.

GREY RAY is still new for Japan but I think I’ll check out the new product from them, secretly.