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Professional Stationery Advisor [No Stationery, No Life.]

Mr. Takahashi Takuya (TAKA-TAKU) “No Stationery, No Life” Professional Stationery Advisor Mr.Takahashi Takuya’s life runs by stationery. He works at prestigious business enterprise as IT in Japan, but after work he works his own ‘life work’ about stationery everyday without resting. Work days or weekends, he never thought of resting because he is a “Professional Stationery Advisor” in Japan who suggest and recommend the suitable stationery to everyone in any lifestyle, he also present each stationery in Japan and leads reader to discover something they’ve overlooked through website and many magazines. He determined to share how wonderful Japanese stationery is to the people worldwide. ” I don’t need rest. I love what I’m doing. “ said Takahashi Part of magazines he's featured :

In Japan and other countries “Stationery” is one of a popular topic. People can’t live without them because stationery became part of their life, so we always see a books / magazines / documentary about stationery. Normal magazine also included at least 1 column about stationery. It maybe strange to Thai people because Thais don’t see the importance of stationery that much. But this is what we called “Stationery Culture”.

Mr.Takahashi also is a founder of web magazine called “No Stationery, No Life (Mainichi, Bunbougu)” which suggest and recommend the stationery to leads the readers to the speciality of each stationery or inspire people to look at stationery differently through words from Takahashi and other professional advisors. They see the value of “excitement” when we first buy a new stationery.