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Director Words : Christmas Wish

I used to question myself if it’s possible for Thai children to have a good stationery just like in Japan, Korea, Taiwan or other countries. Why do Thailand have no choices for us? Why most good stationery had to be imported from other countries? Moreover, they’ve been categorized to be the extravagant waste products because of importing taxes and lots more, so it tends to cost more than actual price we should pay.

Thailand never have a ‘stationery culture’ like other countries before. ‘Stationery’ in other countries have been selected as a popular gifts on any seasons or events. Parents always choose the best stationery for their children and it slowly implants the ‘stationery culture’ to them. This important culture have been overlooked in Thailand, and that maybe the main reason why stationery’s been categorized as a ‘expensive waste’ because most Thai people admire electronic products, and giving electronic products or toys to their children are the mainstream culture in Thailand.

If Santa Claus does exist, I truly wish for a lots of ‘good and reasonable price’ stationery stores in near future because good stationery is the important key to the good taste and behavior.

Chanchalad Khanjanawong

(Founder & Design Director)