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Sharpening Cross Culture | “EE Defender” | No Stationery, No Life.

Previous Posts: + All about Takahashi Takuya (Stationery Advisor) + Review about “2cm+ Pencil” Grey Ray and “No Stationery, No Life” works together to cross stationery culture between Japan and Thailand throuh social network (Twitter, Facebook) which Grey Ray saw a good opportunity to let Japanese people know Thailand through Thai stationery, and Thai people knows Thai stationery through Japanese point of view. (Japanese is very serious about stationery.) This time, Mr.Takahashi made a review of our “EE Defender” Pencil cap;


Pencil cap that save the pencil lead’s tips : EE Defender

[ credit : ] This is a pencil cap called “EE Defender” It’s been designed to protect the pencil leads from damage. I’ve been educated that art student in Thailand have this unique culture to sharpen the pencil longer than normal. They also believe that the longer it is, the better it gets.

Grey Ray respects those belief of children and design “EE Defender” pencil cap which is designed beautifully with fine graded. It’s not really often to be see this kind of fine graded stationery even in Japan. This made “EE Defender” won “Good Design Award” and “Design Excellence Award”.

This pencil cap made from PP Plastic. It’s strong and protect the lead well. I’ve never seen a stationery that made by PP in Japan. It’s really new for me.