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GREY RAY STATIONERY is a stationery social enterprise in Thailand. Founded in 2011 with 3 resolutions that help pushes our brand forward.

1. Be responsible with what we produce, its effects on people and environment. Therefore, everything we do needs to be carefully and thoroughly thought out.

2. Create a stationery culture for Thai people which we have yet had. Unlike Japan or the European countries where they have good stationery then passed on from generation to another. Because we do not have this culture, it makes our stationery been categorized as a luxury goods, having the tax makes this type of product expensive. But if we can create this culture, there would be people who would truly study it and broaden the market. This could potentially give everyone good and reasonable price stationery.

3. Aim to be a stationery brand that Thai people could be proud of.

This pride is something that gives us fresh energy to continuously move forward. We do not work because we concern for the turnover as it is not what we have started, the profit would be created naturally after we put out a great work. What we ultimately aim for is how to make Thai people proud; making Thai people not turn away from their own product, because if so, we are depreciating our roots, cultures and delicacies. I strongly believe that with everyone’s support, we can make “Made in Thailand” product, global.

From the bottom of my heart,

Chanchalad Khanjanawong
Founder & Director

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